Dr. Brad DeLano

“The best part about visiting Dr. Brad is how he listens. He really listens to how I’m feeling. Then, he talks me through where my pain is coming from, treats me, and gives me steps I can take to reduce future problems.”

Emma R.

Back pain is the most frequent cause of activity limitation in people younger than 45 years old. Work with Genesee Chiropractic to treat the cause of pain.

Genesee Chiropractic Method

A visit at Genesee Chiropractic starts with listening to the patient’s discomfort and starting from the first visit to not only treat symptoms but address the root cause of the pain. This treatment will include adjustments and other manipulations, both to the patient’s body, and their way of life. Working with Dr. Brad isn’t just simply getting adjusted during your visit, it is a holistic full body approach that puts patients comfort first.

Being a patient of Dr. Brad is about getting you healthy and, where possible, eliminating discomfort and furthering the entire health of the patient. This includes…
– Chiropractic Care
– Corrective Exercises
– Life Style and Nutrition Advice

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